You’ve now arrived at a new social transactional platform made just for you. Your influence yields the power to pair your fan base with innovative businesses. Discover, accept, decline, or counter offers from brands to monetize and leverage your platform. 


Payment & Security

Your deals are safe within our platform. We place all funding in an escrow like “stripe set aside account” until all specific contractual booking terms are completed in the App.

Personalized Profile

Create your own unique creative personalized private profile that allows brands to discover and book you directly on the GEM Platform. With GEM you can synchronize your social media sites so brands can see your reach. 

Direct Offers

Get booked and paid directly! Brands send you booking offers. You have the freedom to accept, decline, or counter the offer.

Universal Offers

Explore endless ways to leverage your influence. Brands have access to your posted offers. If interested brands apply to your offer and you can accept. 


We love the social sphere. Expand your network by engaging in our quarterly global events where influencers and brands can network in unique settings around the world.