The Easiest way to get your product in the hands of active influencers!

GEM makes it simple for you to discover & gift influencers that are relevant to your brand and who have a genuine interest in your product. And you can do it all in 90-seconds or less!

Our customized platform and unique algorithm matches you with influencers that you mutually share interest in.

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Don’t know where to start
with influencer Gifting?
We got your back!

Get your products directly into the hands of suitable influencers

Save time and money running targeted gifting campaigns in our platform

Expand your brand beyond your current reach using GEM

Create long term partnership opportunities

How it works

1. Define Your Campaign

Create a gift campaign for your product that is targeted towards relevant influencers in 90-seconds or less!

2. Ship & Go Live

Ship your gifts to the GEM Fulfillment Center and we’ll handle the logistics from there! Once your campaign goes live we guarantee that your gifts get into the hands of your targeted influencers.

3. Analytics

Upon campaign completion, evaluate the impact and view detailed results of your campaigns performance with our full spectrum analytics & influencer feedback.

Why you will love GEM

Influencer Impact

GEM puts your product directly into the hands of influencers who are active and have a strong following on social media.

Save Time

Streamline the entire process of identifying and matching with relevant influencers to your brand. The GEM platform reduces the time your team would spend on weeks of research and relationship building, saving valuable time and money.

Get Results & Be In Control

GEM gives your brand the leverage in the gifting process, with the influencer having to make the first move. You will be able to provide gifts to influencers who actually want them, which increases your chances of exposure & developing relationships.

Campaign Analytics

Gain insight into the popularity of your brand across key influencers’ demographics with full spectrum analytics. Get statistics on Impressions, number of Gifts Claimed, Gender Ratio, Age Reach, Most Viewed By & Geo Location per campaign.

Hassle-Free Guarantee

Without risk of spam filters, you can be confident the influencer will be notified to see your product. Influencers and their addresses are verified ensuring you that whenever we send your product the influencer gets it.

Targeted Exposure

Get your brand seen by influencers across the world with a single post. The GEM app algorithm guarantees that only influencers that meet your interests get to see the campaign, ensuring the likelihood of the influencer wanting the gift.

Build Long Term Value

GEM provides you with a low risk mechanism to evaluate how impactful your product is with influencers. You will be able to create organic long term relationships with influencers that deliver positive results to your brand.

Instant Gratification

Receive real-time HEARTs and notifications directly from influencers saying “XYZ just LOVED your brand!” This allows you to gain a real insight and generates non biased feedback for your products and brand. You can then show off the LOVE you received on your social accounts!

What brands have to say about GEM

Beverly Hills Bath Co.

Bath Products

GEM has been a time, money & life saver. Our marketing team was able to reach hundreds of targeted influencers in just minutes! GEM is the next level influencer marketing tool you didn’t know your team needed.

the hat dealers


Getting our products into the hands of influencers is one of our most effective marketing strategies. Prior to GEM it was a headache & time consuming. Now, we direct all influencer collabs to the GEM App!

Shutout clothing


After a trial campaign with GEM to test the waters, we’re extremely happy with the results. We now have access to amazing influencers who’ve shown interest in our brand. A wonderful tool!

Imagine Getting Your Product In The Hands Of Influencers + Celebrities.

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